The Village Green and gardens are a prime feature of Ardoch and residents are welcome to use and enjoy our beautiful grounds. However, remember that your neighbours have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home too – please keep this in mind if you are planning a larger than usual function.

A few sensible rules if you’re planning a function for more than 25 people:

  • Email the OC Manager first to check if there’s any other events being planned for the same day. Get the OC Manager permission in writing early on in your planning.
  • If you’re going to play music, make sure it’s within EPA guidelines. This means:
    • not after 11pm on a Friday, Saturday or public holiday;
    • not after 10pm Monday to Thursday or Sundays
    • no louder than what could be heard in a bedroom or living room with the doors closed.
  • Be aware that your neighbours may object to “unreasonable noise”. By all means, have a good time but please respect your neighbours and their right to quiet enjoyment of their home.
  • If you’re planning to put up a marquee, check with the OC Manager. Ardoch has watering system pipes and cables just below the surface of all our lawns and so you can’t use spikes to secure your marquee. Use sandbags or shot bags instead.

Ardoch has 15 visitor car spaces but if you’re expecting a larger than the normal number of guests, please make sure you inform them of where they can park legally, to avoid parking tickets. After 6pm, there’s no restrictions on parking in Pilley St but be careful if you’re having an afternoon event – there’s a 2 hour restriction on the east side of Pilley St. On Dandenong Rd, parking should be fine on the weekends but be careful! Dandenong Rd is a clearway on weekday mornings and cars will be towed away if still there at 6.30am in the morning.

Use of the pool is fine as long as guests observe the pool rules: shower before use, no running or rough play, no alcohol or food, and absolutely no glasses or bottles in the pool area – just too dangerous! Children under 16 using the pool must be supervised by a responsible adult. 

After your function, you must ensure a proper clean up within 2 hours of the event. If there’s any damage the OC has to make good, you will be charged for the cost. Please ensure your guests behave responsibly so you are not out of pocket.

We hope you and your guests enjoy your function, respecting that you are sharing with all the rest of us our beautiful home.

Policy approved by the Committee of Management at its meeting, 10 January 2018.