It is a basic feature of our society that everyone has the right to use and enjoy their property as they please, provided they don't interfere unreasonably with other people's enjoyment of their property. This applies to tenants as well as owners.

For neighbours to get on together there must be a balance between their respective needs and some tolerance is required. Not being on good terms with your neighbour can drastically affect your enjoyment of where you live.

If your neighbour is doing something that bothers you, try to sort it out in a friendly way. If your neighbour approaches you about a problem, try to be responsive to their concerns and make changes that seem reasonable. It may be only a temporary problem - and it isn't worth destroying your relationship with your neighbour over one noisy party.

If there is a dispute, try to discuss it with your neighbour. This may be awkward at first, but can lead to a quick and simple solution. They may not have been aware of the effect their actions were having on you.

It’s better to approach your neighbour informally at first rather than writing a letter or email, which can seem overly legalistic. It may become necessary later to put your point of view in writing - but the first approach should be in person. If you feel nervous about doing this, take someone with you.

If the problem persists, use the Contact Form to communicate your issue. The Committee will attempt to conciliate where possible, or if necessary advise you of more formal means of resolution.