Noise is one of the most common sources of friction between neighbours in residential environments. But the perception of what’s unreasonable varies between people; and most of us can be noisy from time to time.

If noise from your neighbours is bothering you, the first step is to speak to them about it - they may not have realised the effect on you and may be quite happy to tone it down.

EPA regulations

Under the Environment Protection Act 2017, it’s an offence for a person to emit unreasonable noise from residential premises.

If someone is making unreasonable noise, you can call either the City of Port Phillip Council (during normal working hours) or the police (outside normal working hours). They can give the person a warning and direct them to reduce or stop the noise.

EPA Regulations ban the use of noisy equipment - when the noise can be heard inside a habitable room of another residence - as follows.

  Prohibited times
Power tools

Before 7am and after 8pm on weekdays

Before 9am and after 8pm on weekends

Stereos, musical instruments,

Monday to Thursday: before 7am or after 10pm

Friday: before 7am or after 11pm

Saturday and public holidays: before 9am or after 11pm

Sunday: before 9am or after 10pm

Air conditioners, vacuum cleaners

Before 7am or after 10pm on weekdays

Before 9am or after 10pm on weekends and public holidays