What's news at Ardoch

New policy on Bike-Riding at Ardoch

The following policy has been approved by the Committee of Management in July 2020 to clarify the issue of children riding their bikes on Ardoch's paths and roadways.

"For safety's sake, please take care using the roads and paths in Ardoch. Drivers and riders should be mindful that children, the elderly and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in a collision.

"In accordance with new Vicroads rules that allow children (under 13) to ride their bikes on Victorian footpaths, younger children at Ardoch are allowed to ride their bikes on Ardoch's footpaths (or across the Green), but for safety's sake, they should stop before entering any of Ardoch's roadways and proceed only if it's safe to do so.

"Older children and adults may only ride on the footpaths to get to or from their apartments and must never ride on the Green."

Renovation Guidelines for Owners

For owners contemplating renovations to their apartment, please read our new guidelines. The OC can help you streamline your works and ensure minimal disruption for you and your neighbours.

Managing in a time of COVID-19
In the spirit of community solidarity and in accordance with Vic government directions, for the six weeks of Melbourne's second lockdown (23 July to 20 August) residents should wear a face-mask when on Ardoch common property. 
We urge all residents to observe official advice about staying at home and venturing out as little as possible. From 9 July 2020, Victorian government directions advise Melburnians not to leave home except for:
  • shopping for food
  • going to a medical appointment
  • providing care-giving
  • attending work or education (where you can't do that remotely)
  • for exercise.

The directions say that individuals can leave their home to exercise at any time of day, and can exercise with any or all of the people who normally live at the same address, or "one other friend who doesn't normally live at the same address, providing you maintain physical distancing while together".

The directions also say you can go to a park to exercise, but visits should be kept short. Children should not be allowed to come into physical contact with public equipment or with other children.

Ardoch's Village Green is like a park, and physical distancing should always be observed. But the directions clearly focus on the public nature of public parks. Private areas are treated differently: "Playgrounds where access is controlled are not included in the prohibition" (emphasis added).

Welcome to Ardoch Village

Ardoch is a unique heritage-listed residential estate, located in St Kilda East, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. Our village is set amongst 2.8 hectares (7 acres) of gardens, with stunning heritage apartments and more modern townhouses. Residents can enjoy a heated swimming pool, exercise room, sauna and a central Village Green.

On this site, you’ll find information for residents and visitors, and anyone interested in our history. By clicking on 'Login for owners' below, those who are lucky enough to own an apartment at Ardoch can register to access further information just for owners.