Ardoch is a strata title estate and each unit owner is a member of the Owners Corporation (OC). Each year at the Annual General Meeting, members elect a committee to run the affairs of the estate. On behalf of members, the Committee manages and administers the common property, arranges for repair and maintenance, and ensures adequate insurance of the common property. The common property includes the gardens and grounds, the external walls of the buildings, roofs and roof spaces, roads and paths, the pool, the exercise room and the sauna.

Ardoch is Heritage Listed

Ardoch is listed on the register of historic buildings in Victoria. This means any alterations to buildings will usually require permission from Heritage Victoria, as well as permission from the OC. Maintaining the integrity of buildings and the beauty of the gardens at Ardoch is fundamental to what makes living here so enjoyable, and contributes substantially to the value of the estate. Please help by keeping your part of Ardoch beautiful!

Information and Communications

Many people are interested in the history of Ardoch, and would like to get to know their neighbours.

The OC has set up a closed facebook group for Ardoch residents, and you are welcome to join. Think of it as a free, private community noticeboard.

Ardoch is a large estate and finding the right apartment can be tricky. However, each entrance has its own identifying name: the main gate off Dandenong Road is “Gate A” and the entrances off Pilley St are “Gate B” through to “Gate E”. The best way to inform your visitors is to let them know which Gate to use to get to your apartment. This is particularly important if you have to call Emergency Services such as an ambulance or fire brigade.