Ardoch has five entrances: the main one off Dandenong Road, and four off Pilley St. They are clearly labelled Gates A through to Gate F.

The best way to find an apartment is to ask first "Which Gate should I enter?"

Then ask which building to look for, and finally whether the apartment is on the ground floor or the first floor.

Gate A is on Dandenong Road. Use this Gate to access the following buildings:

  • 1 Ardoch Ave
  • 2 Ardoch Ave
  • 3 Ardoch Ave
  • 4 Ardoch Ave
  • 8 Ardoch Ave
  • 9 Ardoch Ave.

Gates B, C, and D are on Pilley St. Use these Gates to access:

  • 10 Ardoch Ave
  • 2 Pilley St
  • 4 Pilley St
  • 6 Pilley St
  • 8 Pilley St

Finally, Gate E is also at the far end of Pilley St. Use Gate E to access:

  • 7 Ardoch Ave
  • 6 Ardoch Ave
  • 5 Ardoch Ave.
map of ardoch gates