Addresses are Ardoch can be tricky.

Most apartments have an Ardoch Avenue address but the buildings along the eastern side have Pilley St addresses.

Ardoch Ave buildings run from the Mansion in the north-west corner of the estate (1 Ardoch Ave), down the western side (2 Ardoch, 3 Ardoch, 4 Ardoch).

5 Ardoch is a newer-style building in the far south-western corner.

6 Ardoch is a small stand-alone, older style building with three apartments.

7 Ardoch (Magnolia Mansions) runs along the south side of The Green.

Then in the south-eastern corner is 8 Pilley, a newer-style building.

Along the eastern side are the Pilley St building: 6 Pilley, 4 Pilley and the little stand-alone 2 Pilley.

In the north-east corner stands 10 Ardoch, a large older-style building that fronts onto Dandenong Road.

Between 10 Ardoch and the Mansion is 9 Ardoch.

Finally, 8 Ardoch is the red-brick building that faces The Green on its northern edge.

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