For Sale signs

When selling an apartment, an estate agent may erect a “For Sale” sign on the fence – but one sign only.

Agents must seek and receive written permission from the OC Manager before erecting the sign. “For Lease” signs are not allowed. Signs erected without permission may be removed by the Owners Corporation at the owner's expense. 

Signs may be up to 8 ft by 6 ft and may be lit, as long as the lighting is solar or battery-powered. Signs must not damage the fence. If there is any damage, it must be repaired. The Ardoch committee of management reserves the right to determine the acceptable size and location of “For Sale” signs. 

Signs must be removed within seven days of an auction or private sale. This is a Council requirement.

Approved by the Committee of Management at its June 2019 meeting.

Hard waste collection

Large items of rubbish (unwanted electrical items, furniture, kitchen items etc) should be disposed of by booking a hard rubbish collection via the Council. Call them on (03) 9209 6777.