Air conditioning units may be installed or an existing unit replaced, as long as the placement of external condensers and associated conduits do not detract from the overall visual appearance of Ardoch and their noise is within acceptable limits.

If you want to install an air conditioning unit, you will need to submit a plan of its location to the Owners Corporation and to Heritage Victoria. This applies even if the location of the unit is entirely within private property (such as a balcony) because of its potential impact on the visual appearance of the building.

Diagrams and checklists are included below to ensure all the necessary details are included in your submitted plan.

NOTE: Existing installations may be upgraded or replaced but in that case, the new installation must comply with the conditions listed below and a new application for approval made to the OC.

Policy approved by the Committee of Management at its meeting of 4 September 2019.

Ardoch air conditioning standard
Ardoch air conditioning unit installation standard

To ensure all the necessary details are included in your submission, click here for an Owner checklist and a checklist to give to your installer.

Click here to print off the diagram above.