Roofs are Common Property

Ardoch has 14 buildings, and their roofs are part of the common property. The Owners Corporation is responsible for repairs, maintenance, and functioning of these common property roofs. Owners must obtain prior approval from the Committee and from Heritage Victoria before installing any infrastructure (such as flues, vents, air conditioning units) on roofs.

Accessing and working on the roofs of these buildings for repairs or maintenance (gutter-cleaning, removing objects, painting, etc), installing flues or vents, or servicing roof-mounted utilities such as air conditioning units must comply with relevant OH&S standards.

In April 2021, the OC Committee received expert advice about systems for safe access to Ardoch’s roofs. One option is the installation of permanent roof anchors and fall arrest systems. A second option is the use of ‘elevated work platforms’.

To install permanent roof anchors on most of Ardoch’s buildings[1] would be initially very costly and would incur continuing annual costs of inspection and certification.

Based on the expert advice received, the Committee decided the use of elevated work platforms or other compliant means would be more cost effective while still complying with relevant OH&S standards.

Private Owners Accessing Roofs

Private owners wanting their tradespeople to access and work on roofs to maintain or repair their flues, vents, or air conditioning units must notify the Site Manager beforehand. These owners are responsible for ensuring their tradespeople comply with relevant OH&S standards.

Policy approved by the Committee of Management.

July 2021



[1] Two buildings already have such roof anchors, installed when these roofs were renewed in the 2000, and it would not be possible to install roof anchors on the slate roofs of Wardell House